The Crew

Captains / Owners

The Captains of the Downeast  RoverThe twin-named couple, Kim Winslow and Kim Winslow purchased the Rover in 2007 from previous owner/operator Mark Kopp (who had purchased it from Bradford Gunn). Originally from Florida, the Kims live in Manteo with their two dogs, Ruby (a Chocolate Lab) and Scrappy (a deranged mutt). The Kims have two adult daughters: Hailey, a successful television reporter living in Jacksonville, Florida and Megan, who recently returned to Jupiter, Florida after circumnavigating the globe with her husband, Matt.

Bryan Allen

Downeast Rover Captain
The Captain of the Downeast Rover; Bryan Allen.Bryan grew up in Yorktown, Virginia where he developed his love for the water and for sailing at an early age by exploring the York River and the Chesapeake Bay on his Hobie 16. He further cultivated his passion for the sea at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington where he received a degree in Marine Biology. In the winter, when not running the Rover, Bryan enjoys blue water cruising and searching for waves in Central America and the Caribbean. Such trips include solo sails to and from the Bahamas. When Spring arrives, however, he is always excited to return to some of his favorite sailing grounds, the waters surrounding Roanoke Island.