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Additional Customer Testimonials:

Downeast Rover Sailing ReviewsDowneast Rover,
We had beautiful wind on the sunset cruise last night, and with only one kid on board, plenty of time to learn to tack and turn about! My son, Beckett, while at the wheel: “I could live this life…” Your crew was just fabulous; we’ll be back next year.


I just wanted to thank you and Mason for a wonderful sunset cruise last Thurs. evening… My family and friends especially wanted to let you know your cruise will be one of our favorite beach memories for years to come! Thanks again.

-Chris Wilson, SE Virginia
Dear Rover,
We can’t thank you enough for what our group is uniformly calling a perfect evening. Again, thank you for an amazing evening!

-Karolyn Blumer, Maryland

Dear Rover,
THANKS SO MUCH for the fun ride. As we looked at the pictures we laughed and laughed and appreciated the sundown all over again. It’s great to meet fun and interesting people and I’m glad I was drawn to the Rover. I say things always happen for a reason.
I’m all about another cruise. 🙂
Thanks again,

-Ginger Bevan, Charlotte, NC